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Creatures which are not natural.

This is a list of Abberations appearing in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.


Creature ResRef Tag
Battle Devourer nw_battdevour NW_BATTDEVOUR
Beholder x2_beholder001 X2_BEHOLDER001
Beholder Mage x2_beholder003 X2_BEHOLDER003
Drider x2_drider001 X2_DRIDER001
Drider Chief x2_drider002 X2_DRIDER002
Drider Chief x2_drider003 X2_DRIDER003
Drider Chief x2_drider004 X2_DRIDER004
Drider Chief x2_drider005 X2_DRIDER005
Drider Cleric x2_fdrider002 X2_FDRIDER002
Drider Wizard x2_driderw01 X2_DRIDERW01
Ettercap nw_ettercap NW_ETTERCAP
Eyeball x2_beholder002 X2_BEHOLDER002
Female Drider x2_fdrider001 X2_FDRIDER001
G'Zhorb, the All-Seeing Eye x3_gzhorb X3_GZHORB
Hook Horror nw_horror NW_HORROR
Intellect Devourer nw_devour NW_DEVOUR
Mind Flayer x2_mindflayer001 X2_MINDFLAYER001
Mind Flayer Darkener x2_mindfdarkener X2_MINDFDARKENER
Mind Flayer Venerator x2_mindfveneratr X2_MINDFVENERATR
Ulitharid x2_mindflayer002 X2_MINDFLAYER002
Umber Hulk nw_umberhulk NW_UMBERHULK
Will-O'-Wisp nw_willowisp NW_WILLOWISP

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress