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Types of armor class adjustment. Items have their armour class (if an enchantment is applied to them) classified in the baseitems.2da file, however effects from EffectACIncrease and EffectACDecrease can be of these types.


Flatfooted is usually if the person is not attacking / actively in combat. This can be from just standing around, or from an effect - such as EffectParalyze or EffectStunned and other things.

See EffectACDecrease for some oddities on how decreasing Dodge AC works since your AC can actually go up sometimes if you stand still, with dodge penalties!

Constant Value Applies vs. Touch Attacks Applies When Flatfooted Description
AC_ARMOUR_ENCHANTMENT_BONUS 2 No Yes Defines a bonus as coming from magical vestments cast upon the armor or really fine craftsmanship. Applies to worn armor only, not shields.
AC_DEFLECTION_BONUS 4 Yes Yes A bonus that applies to armor class from a skill or item that allows the creature to deflect or parry incoming attacks.
AC_DODGE_BONUS 0 Yes No A bonus to armor class gained from a skill that allows the creature to dodge out of the way of an incoming attack.
AC_NATURAL_BONUS 1 No Yes A natural bonus given to the armor class of the creature due to attributes such as tough hide or high dexterity.
AC_SHIELD_ENCHANTMENT_BONUS 3 No Yes A bonus granted to the armor class of a shield wearing creature derived from magical enchanments placed on the shield or fine craftsmanship.

This flag is worth separating and is only used in EffectACIncrease and EffectACDecrease and is more akin to a special DAMAGE_TYPE_* constant (it should really be renamed DAMAGE_TYPE_ALL_PHYSICAL_TYPES_AND_BASE_WEAPONS but that doesn't really roll of the tongue).

Constant Value Description
AC_VS_DAMAGE_TYPE_ALL 4103 Special versus flag just for AC effects. If used will mean an AC value is against all general weapons. It's a combination of DAMAGE_TYPE_BLUDGEONING (1), DAMAGE_TYPE_PIERCING (2), DAMAGE_TYPE_SLASHING (4) and DAMAGE_TYPE_BASE_WEAPON (4096) meaning 4013 total, an almost magic number.

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