ActionCastFakeSpellAtLocation(int, location, int)

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Red bug icon.png Warning: This function has a known bug and may not work as expected in some situations. See Known Bugs for details.

Display casting animation and spell visuals without subsequent spell effects.

void ActionCastFakeSpellAtLocation(
    int nSpell,
    location lTarget,
    int nProjectilePathType = PROJECTILE_PATH_TYPE_DEFAULT


The SPELL_* constant matching the spell whose casting effects will be mimicked
The location at which to cast the fake spell


The Action recipient will have the appearance of casting nSpell, but there will no corresponding game effects as a result. The spell effect will be centered on or aimed at lTarget.


It will have the same projectile visual effects (Such as Phantasmal Killer's illusionary beast that leaps from the caster to the target) and casting visuals as the spells.2da entry, but will not fire the spell script. The caster doesn't need to know the spell.

Also note that ActionCastFakeSpell still incurs Attacks-of-opportunity in combat, for some reason.

Known Bugs

For some reason stacking this Action doesn't seem to produce a predictable string of castings. The creature will cast the first FakeSpell and when reaching the next FakeSpell in its Action Queue will halt all following queued Actions.




// Function made by Lilac Soul to illustrate the use of
// ActionCastFakeSpellAtLocation. In this function, I use it
// to have the NPC speaker "cast a spell" which just misses
// the PC and fizzles - I guess the NPC is inept at magic!
void main()
    object oTarget = GetPCSpeaker();

    // The PC'€™s current location
    location lLoc = GetLocation(oTarget);

    // Generate a location near to the PC
    vector vPos = GetPositionFromLocation(lLoc);
    vPos.x += IntToFloat(d6());
    vPos.y += IntToFloat(d6());

    lLoc = Location(GetArea(oTarget), vPos, GetFacing(oTarget));

    // Cast the spell at this new location
    ActionCastFakeSpellAtLocation(SPELL_GATE, lLoc);

    // Apply the fizzle effect at this new location
    DelayCommand(2.0, ApplyEffectAtLocation(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, EffectVisualEffect(VFX_FNF_DISPEL_GREATER), lLoc));

See Also

functions:  ActionCastSpellAtLocation
constants:  SPELL_* Constants

 author: Ryan Hunt, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): NTIN, Lilac Soul, Jasperre