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An action that causes an object to close a door.

void ActionCloseDoor(
    object oDoor


The door that will be closed.


Causes the calling object to close oDoor. If the target is a mobile creature, it will animate running to oDoor, reach out, and close it.

This same function can be attached to a door object to have it close itself. (oDoor = OBJECT_SELF)


When the door is already closed, the OnClose event is still fired.

Known Bugs

This action isn't always instant in some multiplayer modules and might be delayed. As an alternative, you can use PlayAnimation to close door which is always instant (not an action).




// From David Gaider's scripting FAQ and tutorial:
// Set in a door's OnHeartbeat script, this will cause
// it to close and lock itself at dusk and unlock itself at dawn
void main()
    if (GetIsDusk() && GetIsOpen(OBJECT_SELF))
        // SetLocked is set in an ActionDoCommand because we
        // want it to be in the door's queue... we want the
        // ActionCloseDoor to be completed before locking the
        // door.
        ActionDoCommand(SetLocked(OBJECT_SELF, TRUE));
    else if (GetIsDawn() && GetLocked(OBJECT_SELF))
        SetLocked(OBJECT_SELF, FALSE);

See Also

functions:  GetBlockingDoor

author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Lilac Soul, additional contributor(s): Dave Dursley, Lilac Soul