ActionCreate(string, location)

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Used to encapsulate CreateObject allowing this function to be added to the action stack.

void ActionCreate(
    string sCreature,
    location lLoc


The resref of the creature to create
The location to create the creature


This function essentially wraps the CreateObject function in a void method so that it can be placed on the action queue. It is used in the OnHeartbeat of the placable object "Skeleton Bones" found in the Battlefield palette.


nw_o2_skeleton.nss might be a good place to start if you wanted objects to turn into creatures when the player approached.

nw_o2_skeleton cannot be included in a script that has a "void main()" function definition. This is because "nw_o2_skeleton" defines a "void main()" function. If you want to use this function, make a copy from "nw_o2_skeleton" into your own script.

Note that this function can only create creatures. A more versatile function is CreateObjectVoid.


#include "nw_o2_skeleton"




string sCreature = "NW_SKELWARR01";
location lLoc = GetLocation(OBJECT_SELF);
DelayCommand(0.3, ActionCreate(sCreature, lLoc));
// The DelayCommand message above could be replaced with
// ActionDoCommand(ActionCreate(sCreature, lLoc));

See Also

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author: Michael Nork, editor: Charles Feduke, additional contributor(s): Albert Valls Rovira