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Green bug icon.png Note: This function may not work as expected in some situations, but it does work as intended. This is a "feature", not a bug. See Known Bugs for details.

Causes the calling creature to equip the best armor in its inventory.


The calling creature will equip the armor in its possession that has the highest armor class. Remember, a creature cannot change its armor while in combat.


As with all ActionEquip* functions, it is not necessary to first unequip the current item in the same inventory slot before equipping the new item.

Also note that Clothing as it is not considered "armor" per se. Only padded armor or better (even with AC decreases) will get equipped. See the second example code for how to equip the first armor found, for a simple example of how to equip clothing.

Known Bugs

Not really a bug, but intended, as noted above: any clothing (still "armor") is not equipped, even if it has a positive AC bonus. Because the base AC is 0, it is not considered proper armor by this function.




// Example 1
// When, in a conversation, the PC orders us to "Prepare for battle", we equip
// our best armor (we should have some armor in our inventory, and be wearing
// something worse (eg: clothes) currently). We also equip the biggest, bestest
// ranged weapon or, lacking that, melee weapon we have.
void main()
    // Stop what we are doing, do the equipping
    SpeakString("Um, I'm now ready, you fight...");
// Example 2
// This method does not use ActionEquipMostEffectiveArmor() and is a workaround
// to allow equipping clothing. It will equip any armor in the entering object's
// inventory. It can easily be modified to be used on a NPC's spawn script, but
// this is a good thing to have on a trigger around the module spawn point for
// PCs. Thanks to georage.
void main()
    // Get the entering object
    object oPC = GetEnteringObject();
    string sLocal = "DO_ONCE" + ObjectToString(OBJECT_SELF);
    // Only do this once, and only to PCs
    if(GetLocalInt(oPC, sLocal) || !GetIsPC(oPC)) return;
    // Set to not do it again
    SetLocalInt(oPC, sLocal, TRUE);
    // Loop the object's inventory and equip the first
    object oItem = GetFirstItemInInventory(oPC);
        // Check if armor, of course
        if(GetBaseItemType(oItem) == BASE_ITEM_ARMOR)
            // Equip it and stop the script
            AssignCommand(oPC, ActionEquipItem(oItem, INVENTORY_SLOT_CHEST));
        oItem = GetNextItemInInventory(oPC);

See Also

functions:  GetItemACValue

author: Troels Therkelsen, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Jasperre, georage