ActionForceMoveToObject(object, int, float, float)

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Attempts to move an NPC to a certain distance of a target object even if a clear path doesn't exist.

void ActionForceMoveToObject(
    object oMoveTo,
    int bRun = FALSE,
    float fRange = 1.0f,
    float fTimeout = 30.0f


Target object to move to.
If TRUE, the subject will run to oMoveTo. (Default: FALSE)
The range from oMoveTo to stop at. (Default: 1.0f)
The amount of time to search for path before jumping to the object (as in ActionJumpToObject()). (Default: 30.0f)


The action subject will attempt to move to within fRange meters of oMoveTo. The creature will try for fTimeout seconds to reach the waypoint and will teleport to the location no matter if it found a path in the meantime or not.

No return value, but if an error occurs the log file will contain "MoveToPoint failed."


Move to object functions (ActionForceMoveToObject() and ActionMoveToObject()) actually do path finding, unlike their move to location (ActionForceMoveToLocation() and ActionMoveToLocation()) counterparts.

Known Bugs

If the target is a transition door, the result is unpredictable. Use a waypoint instead.



See Also

functions:  ActionMoveToObject

author: Ryan Hunt, editor: Lilac Soul, additional contributor(s): Jeff Harper, Harold Myles, Iyanga, Lilac Soul