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An action that will cause a creature to open a door.

void ActionOpenDoor(
    object oDoor



The door that will be opened.


Cause the action subject to open oDoor.

If the subject of an ActionOpenDoor is the door, through AssignCommand or in a door's script, then the door will open itself.

However, if ActionOpenDoor is used in the script of a creature, that action will cause the creature to move to the door and open it as long as it is not locked.


DoDoorAction(oDoor, DOOR_ACTION_OPEN) can be used as an alternative to add the action on top of any actions currently running, and is recommended for a creatures OnBlocked event.

When the door is already opened, the OnOpen event is still fired.

Known Bugs

The toolset bug that made it impossible to create doors initially open does no longer exist, and thus there’s no need for the ActionOpenDoor workaround noted here previously.




// This script is for the OnEnter event for an area.
// The script will command a door tagged "OPEN_DOOR"
// to open itself.
void main
     // Initialize objects.
     object oDoor = GetObjectByTag("OPEN_DOOR");
     // Tell door to open itself.
     AssignCommand(oDoor, ActionOpenDoor(oDoor));

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 author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Drake Coker, Lilac Soul, Jasperre