ActionPlayAnimation(int, float, float)

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Plays an animation (fire and forget, looping, or placeable) before executing the next action in the queue.

void ActionPlayAnimation(
    int nAnimation,
    float fSpeed = 1.0,
    float fDurationSeconds = 0.0f


ANIMATION_* constant representing the animation to play.
Speed to play the animation. Higher is faster (not used for ANIMATION_LOOPING_* animations). (Default: 1.0)
Duration of the animation. If left at the default value, the animation will play for a split second if at all. Not used for Fire and Forget animations. (Default: 0.0f)


Cause the action subject to play the animation specified by the constant ANIMATION_*.


This is an action, so is played when the action queue reaches the command. Contrast this to PlayAnimation(), which fires instantly.

There are two types of creature animations: fire-and-forget (or FNF), which only plays once and no duration is needed, and looping which play as long as needed and a duration is required for.

NOT ALL MODELS HAVE ALL ANIMATIONS. The animations listed in the constants are not every animation that a model is capable of (there is a dying animation, after all, as well as combat animations and others)... this is just the current list of the ones that can be played via script.

For placeable objects that are a source of illumination (such as the lamp post), it is not enough to just use its ANIMATION_PLACEABLE_DEACTIVATE or ANIMATION_PLACEABLE_ACTIVATE. That just affects the glowing part of the animation, itself. You must also use the SetPlaceableIllumination() command set to TRUE and tell the area it's in to RecomputeStaticLighting().




// An example of placeable illumination use:
// will turn the lightable object on and off when selected
// placed in its OnUsed event
// Of course, for a placable, you might as well always use PlayAnimation().
void main()
    if (GetLocalInt(OBJECT_SELF,"NW_L_AMION") == 0)
        SetPlaceableIllumination(OBJECT_SELF, TRUE);
        SetPlaceableIllumination(OBJECT_SELF, FALSE);

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author: Ryan Hunt, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): David Gaider, Joseph Berkley, Charles Feduke, Jasperre