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Causes the subject to place an item on the ground at it's feet.

void ActionPutDownItem(
    object oItem


The item to be put down.


Subject will crouch down and place oItem on the ground at its feet. If an error occurs the log file will contain "ActionPutDownItem failed."

Known Bugs

ActionPutDownItem captures the location to drop the item at as soon as the command is added to the action queue. This means if you tell a npc to move from point A to point B and then drop an item it will move to point B and then run (or sometimes "slide") back to point A and drop the item there. This is only a problem if you want the NPC to move before dropping something; workarounds include using DelayCommand() or create some clunky system where you put the ActionPutDownItem() part in a seperate script and execute it using ActionDoCommand().



See Also

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author: Ryan Hunt, editor: Charles Feduke, additional contributor(s): Erik Mydland