ActionSpeakString(string, int)

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Causes an object to speak.

void ActionSpeakString(
    string sStringToSpeak,
    int nTalkVolume = TALKVOLUME_TALK


String to be spoken
A TALKVOLUME_* constant representing the channel on which to speak the string. (Default: TALKVOLUME_TALK)


Adds to the caller's action queue an action that will cause the caller to speak sStringToSpeak. nTalkVolume determines how loud the string will be spoken when the action is processed.


This differs from SpeakString(), which causes the caller to speak immediately. Note that the caller must have an action queue for this to do anything (for example, triggers do not process actions).

See SpeakString for more information about talk volumes.



See Also

functions:  SpeakString
constants:  TALKVOLUME_* Constants

 author: Charles Feduke, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Drake Coker