AdjustAlignmentOnAll(object, int, int)

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Red bug icon.png Warning: This function has a known bug and may not work as expected in some situations. See Known Bugs for details.
Adjusts the alignment of the party.
void AdjustAlignmentOnAll(
    object oPC,
    int nAlignment,
    int nShift


The character whose party will be adjusted.
The ALIGNMENT_* constant matching the axis on which to adjust the alignment.
The desired amount to shift the alignment (numeric range from -100 to 100).


Adjust the alignment of every member of oPC's party including associates.

nAlignment determines the axis on which the alignment changes:

  • ALIGNMENT_LAWFUL, ALIGNMENT_CHAOTIC, ALIGNMENT_GOOD, ALIGNMENT_EVIL: alignment will be shifted in the direction specified.
  • ALIGNMENT_ALL: nShift will be added to oSubject's law/chaos and good/evil alignment values (thus adding/subtracting the same amount to both).
  • ALIGNMENT_NEUTRAL: nShift is applied to oSubject's law/chaos and good/evil alignment values in the direction which is towards neutrality.


This function is a wrapper for the AdjustAlignment() function. Because of its complex behaviour, the description and remarks for that function should be examined in detail before using AdjustAlignmentOnAll().

Also note that x0_i0_partywide is already included in x0_i0_common, so you will only need to include one, not both.

Known Bugs

The behaviour of this function is not what you might expect. AdjustAlignment() already applies a 20% adjustment to every player in the party when the alignment for any PC is adjusted. As such using AdjustAlignmentOnAll() will cause each PC to have its alignment adjusted multiple times: once by nShift, then by an additional 20% for each PC in the party, and, finally, by an additional 20% for each associate the PC has.


#include "x0_i0_partywide"




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author: Grimlar