AdjustFactionReputation(object, object, int)

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Adjusts all faction members' reputations in relation to another faction.

void AdjustFactionReputation(
    object oTargetCreature,
    object oMemberOfSourceFaction,
    int nAdjustment


The creature whose faction members will be viewed differently by an entire faction.
The member of the faction that will have its opinion changed.
The amount (positive or negative) that the factions opinion will change.


Adjusts all faction members'€™ reputations with another faction. Pass in a member from each faction.


To change how a faction feels about a single PC, use AdjustReputation() instead. To adjust how a faction feels about everyone in a PC's party, use AdjustReputationWithFaction() instead.


#include "nw_i0_plot"




// This example shows how a persistent world might set faction reputations to a
// persistently stored value. We have two factions, the Bandits and the
// Marauders, each represented by a faction focus (a member of the faction with
// a tag we know that we've placed in an area inaccessible to PCs for just this
// purpose).
#include "nw_i0_plot"
void main()
    // Get the faction focus objects
    object oBandit   = GetObjectByTag("Faction_Focus_Bandit");
    object oMarauder = GetObjectByTag("Faction_Focus_Marauder");
    // Get how the bandits and marauders feel about each other now.
    int nReputationWithBandits   = GetReputation(oMarauder, oBandit);
    int nReputationWithMarauders = GetReputation(oBandit, oMarauder);
    // Get how the Bandits should feel about the Marauders and vice versa. This
    // info is set by any script that persistently adjusts how the factions feel
    // about each other.
    int nStoredReputationWithBandits   = GetCampaignInt("MyCampaign", "Reputation_Bandits_Marauders");
    int nStoredReputationWithMarauders = GetCampaignInt("MyCampaign", "Reputation_Marauders_Bandits");
    // Adjust the reputations to the desired values.
    AdjustFactionReputation(oMarauder, oBandit,   nStoredReputationWithBandits   - nReputationWithBandits);
    AdjustFactionReputation(oBandit,   oMarauder, nStoredReputationWithMarauders - nReputationWithMarauders);

See Also

functions:  AdjustReputationWithFaction, AdjustReputation

author: Tom Cassiotis, editors: Kolyana, Mistress, contributors: Kookoo, Squatting Monk