Ammo, Arrow

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Arrows for long and short bows.

This is a list of arrows appearing in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.


Item ResRef Tag GP Value
Acid Arrow nw_wammar003 NW_WAMMAR003 1,881
Arrow nw_wamar001 NW_WAMAR001 0
Arrow +1 nw_wammar009 NW_WAMMAR009 198
Arrow +2 nw_wammar010 NW_WAMMAR010 693
Arrow +3 nw_wammar011 NW_WAMMAR011 2,970
Arrow +4 x2_wammar012 X2_WAMMAR012 6,732
Arrow +5 x2_wammar013 X2_WAMMAR013 12,078
Arrow of the Vampire nw_wammar001 NW_WAMMAR001 891
Arrows of Petrification x2_wammar001 X2_WAMMAR001 22,150
Fire Arrow nw_wammar002 NW_WAMMAR002 1,881
Ice Arrow nw_wammar005 NW_WAMMAR005 1,881
Lightning Arrow nw_wammar006 NW_WAMMAR006 1,881
Mild Poison Arrow nw_wammar007 NW_WAMMAR007 3,960
Piercing Arrow nw_wammar004 NW_WAMMAR004 1,881
Poison Arrow nw_wammar008 NW_WAMMAR008 15,840