Ammo, Bullet

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Bullets for slings.

This is a list of bullets appearing in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.


Item ResRef Tag GP Value
Bullet nw_wambu001 NW_WAMBU001 0
Bullet +1 nw_wammbu008 NW_WAMMBU008 198
Bullet +2 nw_wammbu009 NW_WAMMBU009 693
Bullet +3 nw_wammbu010 NW_WAMMBU010 2,970
Bullet +4 x2_wammbu009 X2_WAMMBU009 6,732
Bullet +5 x2_wammbu010 X2_WAMMBU010 12,078
Bullet of Screaming nw_wammbu002 NW_WAMMBU002 3,465
Bullets of Smiting nw_wammbu004 NW_WAMMBU004 1,881
Farel's Gold nw_wammbu003 NW_WAMMBU003 3,465
Fire Bullet nw_wammbu005 NW_WAMMBU005 1,881
Giant's Bane nw_wammbu001 NW_WAMMBU001 2,772
Ice Bullet nw_wammbu006 NW_WAMMBU006 1,881
Lightning Bullet nw_wammbu007 NW_WAMMBU007 1,881