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This is a list of unclassified animals appearing in the standard palette of the toolset.


Creature ResRef Tag
Badger nw_badger NW_BADGER
Bat nw_bat NW_BAT
Black Cormyrian Cobra x3_blckcobra001 X3_BLCKCOBRA001
Boar nw_boar NW_BOAR
Bulette nw_bulette nw_bulette
Cow nw_cow NW_COW
Deer nw_deer NW_DEER
Dire Badger nw_direbadg NW_DIREBADG
Dire Boar nw_boardire NW_BOARDIRE
Dire Rat nw_ratdire001 NW_RATDIRE001
Goblin Shark nw_sharkgoblin nw_sharkgoblin
Gold Cormyrian Cobra x3_goldcobra001 X3_GOLDCOBRA001
Great Cobra x3_grtcobra001 X3_GRTCOBRA001
Hammerhead Shark nw_sharkhammer nw_sharkhammer
Heavy War Horse x3_hvywarhorse X3_HVYWARHORSE
Heavy War Horse x3_hvywarhorse2 X3_HVYWARHORSE2
Heavy War Horse x3_hvywarhorse3 X3_HVYWARHORSE3
Heavy War Horse x3_hvywarhorse4 X3_HVYWARHORSE4
Heavy War Horse x3_hvywarhorse5 X3_HVYWARHORSE5
Heavy War Horse x3_hvywarhorse6 X3_HVYWARHORSE6
Horse x3_horse001 X3_HORSE001
Horse x3_horse002 X3_HORSE002
Horse x3_horsehumanm X3_HORSEHUMANM
Hybrid Cormyrian Cobra x3_hybcobra001 X3_HYBCOBRA001
Jousting Horse x3_jousthorse1 X3_JOUSTHORSE1
Jousting Horse x3_jousthorse2 X3_JOUSTHORSE2
Jousting Horse x3_jousthorse3 X3_JOUSTHORSE3
Jousting Horse x3_jousthorse4 X3_JOUSTHORSE4
Jousting Horse x3_jousthorse5 X3_JOUSTHORSE5
Mako Shark nw_sharkmako nw_sharkmako
Ox nw_ox NW_OX
Rat nw_rat001 NW_RAT001
Rat nw_rat002 NW_RAT002
Spitting Cobra x3_spitcobra001 X3_SPITCOBRA001
White Stag nw_deerstag NW_DEERSTAG

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, Kookoo