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Aurora toolset tutorials (non-scripting).

Title Brief Description

A Simple Quest

Step-by-step tutorial for constructing a simple quest - no scripting required

A Simple Quest - Part II

Enhancing a simple quest with journal entries, multilingual dialogue and more.

Color Charts

Simple visual guide to the color options for cloth, leather and metals.

Grimlar - Guide To .Erfs

A brief outline of how to create and use a .erf file to export/import resources.

How to Make Your Server Run More Smoothly

Suggestions for how to decrease lag.

Kookoo's Basic Guide to Factions and Hostile Cows

This guide will take you through the basics of factions without getting into extreme details or long drawn out lectures.

Maxam - Introduction To Encounters

An explanation of encounters, what they are, how you'd use one and what all those options mean.

Script Caching

How to decide which scripts should be cached.

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress