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These constants are used to define various commands that can be issued to NPC associates.


Constant Value Description
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_ATTACKNEAREST -3 Instructs the NPC associate to attack the nearest enemy.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_DISARMTRAP -20 Instructs the NPC to disarm a trap.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_FOLLOWMASTER -5 Instructs the NPC associate to follow the master.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_GUARDMASTER -7 Instructs the NPC associate to guard the master.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_HEALMASTER -4 Instructs the NPC associate to heal its related master.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_INVENTORY -19 Instructs the NPC to open their inventory for you (only in SoU)
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_LEAVEPARTY -17 Used to disband a henchman NPC associate.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_MASTERATTACKEDOTHER -15 Used to signal that the master attacked another creature.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_MASTERFAILEDLOCKPICK -6 Signals that the master just failed in an attempt to open a lock, whether the attempt was bashing, lock picking, or just trying to open an object.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_MASTERGOINGTOBEATTACKED -16 Used to signal that the master is about to be attacked.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_MASTERSAWTRAP -14 Used to signal that the master saw a trap.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_MASTERUNDERATTACK -11 Used to signal that the master is currently under attack.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_PICKLOCK -18 Instructs the NPC to pick a lock.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_RELEASEDOMINATION -12 Used to release a dominated (charmed or otherwise magically enchanted) creature NPC associate from service.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_STANDGROUND -2 Instructs the NPC associate to stand their ground and not perform any other action. The NPC associate will not move during the OnHeartbeat script.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_UNPOSSESSFAMILIAR -13 Used to unpossess a familiar currently possessed by a PC.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_UNSUMMONANIMALCOMPANION -9 Used to unsummon an animal companion NPC associate.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_UNSUMMONFAMILIAR -8 Used to unsummon a familiar NPC associate.
ASSOCIATE_COMMAND_UNSUMMONSUMMONED -10 Used to unsummon a summoned creature NPC associate.

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