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Things that would appear on a battlefield.

This is a list of battlefield placeables appearing in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.


Placeable ResRef Tag
Arrow-filled corpse plc_arrowcorpse Arrowfilledcorpse
Bloodstain plc_bloodstain Bloodstain
Bones plc_bones Bones
Corpse Wagon plc_fcrpsewagon FlyCladCorpseWagon
Defaced Statue plc_statue2 StatueDefaced
Impaled Human Corpse plc_impledcrpse1 ImpalingSpearwHumanCorpse
Impaled Human Head plc_impledhead1 ImpalingSpearwHumanHead
Impaled Monster Corpse plc_impledcrpse2 ImpalingSpearwMonsterCorpse
Impaled Monster Head plc_impledhead2 ImpalingSpearwMonsterHead
Pile of Skulls plc_pileskulls PileofSkulls
Plague Victim Corpse plc_fplaguecrpse FlyCladPlagueVictimCorpse
Plague Victim Pyre plc_plaguepyre PlagueVictimPyre
Rubble plc_rubble Rubble
Rubble x3_plc_rubble1 x3_plc_rubble1
Rubble x3_plc_rubble2 x3_plc_rubble2
Rubble x3_plc_rubble3 x3_plc_rubble3
Ruined Wagon plc_burnwagon BurningWagon
Ruined Wagon plc_ruinwagon RuinedWagon
Scorch Mark plc_weathmark WeatheringScorchMark
Skeletal Remains x3_plc_skelmage x3_plc_skelmage
Skeletal Remains x3_plc_skelwar2 x3_plc_skelwar2
Skeletal Remains x3_plc_skelwar x3_plc_skelwar
Skeleton Bones nw_pl_skeleton NW_PL_SKELETON
Skull Pole x0_skullpole SkullPole
Speared Corpse plc_spearcorpse SpearSwordfilledCorpse
Wrecked Ballista plc_ballistabrk BallistaBurningBroken
Wrecked Battering Ram plc_bttrrambrk BatteringRamBurningBroken
Wrecked Catapult plc_catpltbrk CatapultBurningBroken
Zombie corpse nw_pl_zombie NW_PL_ZOMBIE

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Tyndrel