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This is a list of books appearing in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.


Item ResRef Tag GP Value
Famous Citizens of the Sword Coast nw_it_book013 NW_IT_BOOK013 7
Helm's Hold nw_it_book014 NW_IT_BOOK014 7
History of the Creator Races nw_it_book001 NW_IT_BOOK001 7
Luskan's Arcane Brotherhood nw_it_book015 NW_IT_BOOK015 7
Port Llast nw_it_book022 NW_IT_BOOK022 7
Prayer to the Overgod x1_it_mbook001 X1_IT_MBOOK001 13,782
Religions of the Sword nw_it_book020 NW_IT_BOOK020 7
Return of the Beast nw_it_book018 NW_IT_BOOK018 7
The Adventures of Grin, Richard, and Wu-Wei nw_it_book029 NW_IT_BOOK029 7
The City of Luskan nw_it_book007 NW_IT_BOOK007 7
The City of Neverwinter nw_it_book005 NW_IT_BOOK005 7
The Dessarin River nw_it_book010 NW_IT_BOOK010 7
The Doombringers nw_it_book003 NW_IT_BOOK003 7
The Ghost of Conyberry nw_it_book009 NW_IT_BOOK009 7
The Imps' Prison nw_it_book024 NW_IT_BOOK024 7
The Leadership of Neverwinter nw_it_book031 NW_IT_BOOK031 7
The Nether Scrolls nw_it_book026 NW_IT_BOOK026 7
The Neverwinter Wood nw_it_book006 NW_IT_BOOK006 7
The Northern Four Adventuring Troupe nw_it_book021 NW_IT_BOOK021 7
The Origin of Magic nw_it_book017 NW_IT_BOOK017 7
The Rise & Fall of Netheril nw_it_book030 NW_IT_BOOK030 7
The Rival Orc Tribes & their Great Battles nw_it_book012 NW_IT_BOOK012 7
The Ruins of Illusk nw_it_book012 NW_IT_BOOK012 7
The Sword Coast nw_it_book004 NW_IT_BOOK004 7
The Time of Troubles nw_it_book025 NW_IT_BOOK025 7
The Trade of Blades nw_it_book008 NW_IT_BOOK008 7
The War of Light and Darkness nw_it_book027 NW_IT_BOOK027 7
Uthgar's Legacy nw_it_book023 NW_IT_BOOK023 7
Uthgardt Barbarians nw_it_book008 NW_IT_BOOK016 7
Wars of the Creator Races nw_it_book008 NW_IT_BOOK002 7
Waterdeep nw_it_book028 NW_IT_BOOK028 7
Wind by the Fireside nw_it_book008 NW_IT_BOOK019 7