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Used to escape from a looping structure (do, while, and for) or switch case statement.

If a break statement is executed from within a looping code block the loop will halt execution regardless of the condition controlling the loop. Any remaining statements within the code block will not be executed.

If a break statement is executed from within a case inside of a switch statement, all following case statements are ignored.

The following example searches for a PC with a strength score higher than 12, and repeats until there are no more PCs to search:

object oTarget = GetFirstPC();
while (oTarget != OBJECT_INVALID) 
    int nStr = GetAbilityScore(oTarget, ABILITY_STRENGTH);
    if (nStr > 12) 
    oTarget = GetNextPC();

As soon as the loop finds a PC with a strength higher than 12 the break statement is called halting the loop and the search for a target. Note that if no PCs are present with a strength score higher than 12, the loop will not exit (seems to be a problem with GetNextPC()).

author: Ryan Hunt, editor: Charles Feduke, Mistress, additional contributor(s): Rich Dersheimer, Box, Scott Smith, bug finder: Pondo