Building Adornments

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Parts and pieces for constructing a building.

This is a list of building adornments appearing in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.


Placeable ResRef Tag
Balcony x3_plc_balc012 x3_plc_balc012
Balcony x3_plc_balc013 x3_plc_balc013
Balcony x3_plc_balc014 x3_plc_balc014
Balcony x3_plc_balc015 x3_plc_balc015
Balcony 1, Stone x3_plc_balc001 x3_plc_balc001
Balcony 10, Wood Circlular x3_plc_balc010 x3_plc_balc010
Balcony 11, Wood Large Circlular x3_plc_balc011 x3_plc_balc011
Balcony 2, Wood x3_plc_balc002 x3_plc_balc002
Balcony 3, Stone Railing x3_plc_balc003 x3_plc_balc003
Balcony 4, Wood Railing x3_plc_balc004 x3_plc_balc004
Balcony 5, Wood Large x3_plc_balc005 x3_plc_balc005
Balcony 6, Wood Large Broken x3_plc_balc006 x3_plc_balc006
Balcony 7, Stone Rounded Corners x3_plc_balc007 x3_plc_balc007
Balcony 8, Wood Rounded Railing x3_plc_balc008 x3_plc_balc008
Balcony 9, Stone Circlular x3_plc_balc009 x3_plc_balc009
Balcony Door x3_plc_balcd001 x3_plc_balcd001
Balcony Door x3_plc_balcd002 x3_plc_balcd002
Banner x3_plc_banner1 x3_plc_banner1
Banner x3_plc_banner2 x3_plc_banner2
Banner, Huge Wall 1, Purple Dragon x3_plc_wbanner1 x3_plc_wbanner1
Banner, Huge Wall 1, Yellow Bird x3_plc_wbanner2 x3_plc_wbanner2
Banner, Medium Wall 1, Purple Dragon x3_plc_wbanner4 x3_plc_wbanner4
Banner, Medium Wall 2, Yellow Bird x3_plc_wbanner3 x3_plc_wbanner3
Chimney x3_plc_chim001 x3_plc_chim001
Chimney x3_plc_chim002 x3_plc_chim002
Flag, Bane, Hanging x3_plc_flagbane2 x3_plc_flagbane2
Flag, Bane, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flgbane3 x3_plc_flgbane3
Flag, Bane, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgbane4 x3_plc_flgbane4
Flag, Cyric, Hanging x3_plc_flgcyric2 x3_plc_flgcyric2
Flag, Cyric, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flgcyric3 x3_plc_flgcyric3
Flag, Cyric, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgcyric4 x3_plc_flgcyric4
Flag, Eilistraee, Hanging x3_plc_flgeili2 x3_plc_flgeili2
Flag, Eilistraee, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flgeili3 x3_plc_flgeili3
Flag, Eilistraee, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgeili4 x3_plc_flgeili4
Flag, Green Stag & Shield, Hanging x3_plc_flgstag7 x3_plc_flgstag7
Flag, Green Stag & Shield, Hanging 2 x3_plc_flgstag8 x3_plc_flgstag8
Flag, Green stag, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgstag9 x3_plc_flgstag9
Flag, Green stag, Hanging pennant 2 x3_plc_flgstag10 x3_plc_flgstag10
Flag, Green stag, Hanging pennant 3 x3_plc_flgstag11 x3_plc_flgstag11
Flag, Green stag, Hanging pennant 4 x3_plc_flgstag12 x3_plc_flgstag12
Flag, Green stag, Hanging pennant 5 x3_plc_flgstag13 x3_plc_flgstag13
Flag, Green stag, Hanging pennant 6 x3_plc_flgstag14 x3_plc_flgstag14
Flag, Helm, Hanging x3_plc_flghelm2 x3_plc_flghelm2
Flag, Helm, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flghelm3 x3_plc_flghelm3
Flag, Helm, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flghelm4 x3_plc_flghelm4
Flag, Ilmater, Hanging x3_plc_flgilm2 x3_plc_flgilm2
Flag, Ilmater, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flgilm3 x3_plc_flgilm3
Flag, Ilmater, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgilm4 x3_plc_flgilm4
Flag, Lathander, Hanging x3_plc_flglath2 x3_plc_flglath2
Flag, Lathander, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flglath3 x3_plc_flglath3
Flag, Lathander, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flglath4 x3_plc_flglath4
Flag, Lolth, Hanging x3_plc_flglolth2 x3_plc_flglolth2
Flag, Lolth, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flglolth3 x3_plc_flglolth3
Flag, Lolth, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flglolth4 x3_plc_flglolth4
Flag, Mask, Hanging x3_plc_flgmask2 x3_plc_flgmask2
Flag, Mask, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flgmask3 x3_plc_flgmask3
Flag, Mask, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgmask4 x3_plc_flgmask4
Flag, Raven and crown, Hanging x3_plc_flgrav06 x3_plc_flgrav06
Flag, Raven and Shield, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgrav08 x3_plc_flgrav08
Flag, Raven and Shield, Hanging pennant 4 x3_plc_flgrav11 x3_plc_flgrav11
Flag, Raven and Shield, Hanging pennant 6 x3_plc_flgrav13 x3_plc_flgrav13
Flag, Raven and sword, Hanging x3_plc_flgrav07 x3_plc_flgrav07
Flag, Raven and sword, Hanging pennant 2 x3_plc_flgrav09 x3_plc_flgrav09
Flag, Raven and sword, Hanging pennant 3 x3_plc_flgrav10 x3_plc_flgrav10
Flag, Raven and sword, Hanging pennant 5 x3_plc_flgrav12 x3_plc_flgrav12
Flag, Sune, Hanging x3_plc_flgsune2 x3_plc_flgsune2
Flag, Sune, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flgsune3 x3_plc_flgsune3
Flag, Sune, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgsune4 x3_plc_flgsune4
Flag, Tempus, Hanging x3_plc_flgtemp2 x3_plc_flgtemp2
Flag, Tempus, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flgtemp3 x3_plc_flgtemp3
Flag, Tempus, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgtemp4 x3_plc_flgtemp4
Flag, Torm, Hanging x3_plc_flgtorm2 x3_plc_flgtorm2
Flag, Torm, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flgtorm3 x3_plc_flgtorm3
Flag, Torm, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgtorm4 x3_plc_flgtorm4
Flag, Waukeen, Hanging x3_plc_flgwauk2 x3_plc_flgwauk2
Flag, Waukeen, Hanging at angle x3_plc_flgwauk3 x3_plc_flgwauk3
Flag, Waukeen, Hanging pennant x3_plc_flgwauk4 x3_plc_flgwauk4
Sign x3_plc_sign001 x3_plc_sign001
Sign x3_plc_sign002 x3_plc_sign002
Torch Bracket x3_plc_torch001 x3_plc_torch001
Torch Bracket x3_plc_torch002 x3_plc_torch002
Torch Bracket x3_plc_torch003 x3_plc_torch003
Window, Arch Shuttered 1 x3_plc_wind015 x3_plc_wind015
Window, Arch Shuttered 2 (High) x3_plc_wind016 x3_plc_wind016
Window, Arch Shuttered Interior x3_plc_wind017 x3_plc_wind017
Window, Large 1 x3_plc_wind008 x3_plc_wind008
Window, Large 2 (High) x3_plc_wind009 x3_plc_wind009
Window, Large Arch 1 x3_plc_wind001 x3_plc_wind001
Window, Large Arch 2 (High) x3_plc_wind002 x3_plc_wind002
Window, Large Arch Interior x3_plc_wind003 x3_plc_wind003
Window, Large Interior x3_plc_wind010 x3_plc_wind010
Window, Small 1 (Low) x3_plc_wind011 x3_plc_wind011
Window, Small 2 x3_plc_wind012 x3_plc_wind012
Window, Small 3 (High) x3_plc_wind013 x3_plc_wind013
Window, Small Arch 1 (Low) x3_plc_wind004 x3_plc_wind004
Window, Small Arch 2 x3_plc_wind005 x3_plc_wind005
Window, Small Arch 3 (High) x3_plc_wind006 x3_plc_wind006
Window, Small Arch Interior x3_plc_wind007 x3_plc_wind007
Window, Small Interior x3_plc_wind014 x3_plc_wind014

author: Mistress