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A Note on Celowin's Tutorials

Within the Lyceum section of the Lexicon you will find a series of tutorials written by Celowin. These tutorials have taken many would-be module writers from having no programming talents at all to a decent understanding of how to produce code that interacts with NWN modules. They will continue to do so for some time.

The tutorials from Celowin come from a series of posts made to the BioWare scripting forums. They were translated into the format you see in the Lexicon by one of our contributers (Iskander Merriman). Unfortunately Celowin is not an "official" member of the NWN Lexicon team as there is no channel from which to contact him through us.

I bring this up because I receive alot of praise about his tutorials. I used to forward such e-mail to him as I received them, until his e-mail address was no longer valid. I have not found another way to contact him - however my searching has been a bit limited. I can only guess that he was burned out by the amount of e-mail he received, especially those who asked for help on various topics that his tutorials covered.

The Lexicon staff is unable to answer individual questions mailed to us regarding Celowin's tutorials. We are able to answer questions based on content contained within the Lexicon when the answers to those questions might further clarify the information provided (and thus added to the Lexicon for future releases). And of course contributions of data or corrections of mistakes are always welcome.

If you have questions regarding the NWN toolset or scripting, you should visit the forums sponsored by BioWare at [] and search for the answer there (or post the question if you do not find a solution). Also Maximus from NWVault has posted a series of "Viewlet Tutorials" that would help a beginning programmer at