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Creatures Description


Creatures which are not natural.

Animals, Bears


Animals, Birds


Animals, Canine

Canine (dog).

Animals, Feline

Feline (cat).

Animals, Other

Other unclassified animals.

Animals, Paladin Mounts

Paladin specific horse mounts.


Magically animated/created constructs.




Elementals (beings composed of material from the plane from which they were summoned).


Wizards' and sorcerers' familiars and rangers' and druids' animal companions.

Giant, Common

Giant common humanoids.

Giant, Noble

Giants of a particular element.

Giant, Ogres


Giant, Trolls


Humanoid, Bugbears


Humanoid, Fey

Sylvan (forest-dwelling).

Humanoid, Goblin


Humanoid, Lizardfolk


Humanoid, Minotaur

Bovine humanoids.

Humanoid, Orc

Taller, stronger breed of goblin.

Humanoid, Other

Other humanoids.

Insects, Beetles

Bugs (beetles).

Insects, Spiders


Magical Beasts

Magical creatures.


Other unclassified creatures.

NPCs, Dwarves

Short, stout people fond of ale and crafters of great armors and weapons.

NPCs, Elves

A lithe people who are one with their surrounds and prize beauty, song, and art.

NPCs, Gnomes

Shorter than dwarves, gnomes are inventors of many woundrous things.

NPCs, Half-Orcs

Crossbreeds of human and orc parents.

NPCs, Halflings

Shorter smaller replicas of humans who are happy-go-lucky.

NPCs, Humans


NPCs, Other

Other NPCs (PC henchmen).

Planar, Celestial

Creatures from a good plane of existance.

Planar, Fiendish

Creatures from an evil plane of existance both fiendish and infernal (Nine Hells and The Abyss).

Planar, Imps

Mischevious creatures from the Nine Hells.

Planar, Other

Miscellaneous planar creatures.

Planar, Slaad

Slaads (toad-like humanoids).

Shape Changers

Creatures that change shape (lycanthropes and dopplegangers).

Summoned Monsters

Creatures that are summoned by a spell.

Undead, Ghoul

Undead creatures that consume the flesh of the dead.

Undead, Mummy

Corpses who've been ritually buried and animated.

Undead, Other

Undead (neither alive nor dead).

Undead, Shadow

Shadows are creatures of living darkness, hating life and light with equal fervor. Their touch leaves the chill of nonexistence, making them very dangerous opponents.

Undead, Skeleton

Undead creatures composed entirely from the bones of the fallen.

Undead, Wraith

Undead manifestations of evil.

Undead, Zombie

Corpses awakened from death and animated.

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress