CheckDCStr(int, int, object)

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Do a DC check and modify the skill by the target's Strength modifier.

int CheckDCStr(
    int DC,
    int nSkill,
    object oTarget


Can be set to 0 through 5.
A SKILL_* constant representing the skill check to make.
The object that we will be checking the DC for.


Roll a skill check, modified by oTarget's Strength modifier, with a difficulty of DC.

Returns TRUE if oTarget passes the skill check. Otherwise, returns FALSE.


#include "nw_i0_plot"




// Allow the PC to make a strength check to intimidate an NPC.
// Put this in the Text Appears When... slot of a conversation node spoken by
// the NPC after a successful intimidation. If the intimidation was not
// successful, this node will not be spoken, and the next node (the "you don't
// scare me" one) will fire instead.
#include "nw_i0_plot"
int StartingConditional()
   int    nDC = 15;
   object oPC = GetPCSpeaker();
   return CheckDCStr(nDC, SKILL_INTIMIDATE, oPC);

See Also

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author: Baragg, editor: Mistress