ClearAssociateActions(object, int)

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Clear the actions of one of each type of the PC's associates

void ClearAssociateActions(
    object oPC,
    int bClearCombat = FALSE
Red bug icon.png Warning: This function has a known bug and may not work as expected in some situations. See Known Bugs for details.


The player character whose associates should have their actions cleared.
Whether to stop combat along with all other actions (Default: FALSE)


Clear the action queue of one of each type of the PC's associates. Use this to cancel any previous instructions to single associates before assigning new orders.

Associate types include the henchman, dominated, familiar, summoned and animal companion creatures.

Unless bClearCombat is TRUE, any current fighting involving the associates will continue.


Found in x0_i0_partywide.nss, an include library for party-wide functions.

Known Bugs

This function does not loop through multiple associates of any particular type. For example, if SetMaxHenchmen() has been used to increase the number of henchmen, ClearAssociateActions() performs a search (GetAssociate()) for only one henchman.


#include "x0_i0_partywide"



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 author: Peter Busby