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This is a list of clothing appearing in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.


Item ResRef Tag GP Value
Adept's Tunic nw_cloth027 NW_CLOTH027 1
Adventurer's Robe nw_mcloth011 NW_MCLOTH011 6,251
Assassin's Garb nw_cloth017 NW_CLOTH017 1
Barbarian's Outfit nw_cloth015 NW_CLOTH015 1
Bard's Tunic nw_cloth021 NW_CLOTH021 1
Black Robe of the Archmagi nw_mcloth004 NW_MCLOTH004 48,791
Cleric's Robe x2_cloth008 X2_CLOTH008 1
Commoner's Outfit nw_cloth022 NW_CLOTH022 1
Commoner's Tunic nw_cloth024 NW_CLOTH024 1
Conjurer's Robe nw_cloth012 NW_CLOTH012 1
Duergar Mage Robe x2_mduerar010 X2_MDUERAR010 2,925
Gladiator's Outfit nw_cloth011 NW_CLOTH011 1
Greater Battle Robe nw_mcloth014 NW_MCLOTH014 15,761
Greater Robe of Eyes xo_cloth005 X0_CLOTH005 72,251
Greater Sequencer Robe x2_sequencer2 x2_sequencer2 51,452
Grey Robe of the Archmagi nw_mcloth003 NW_MCLOTH003 48,791
Illusionist's Robe nw_cloth020 NW_CLOTH020 1
Improved Robes of the Old Order nw_mcloth016 NW_MCLOTH016 17,725
Isaac's Sequencer Robe x2_sequencer3 x2_sequencer3 136,013
Jester's Outfit nw_cloth014 NW_CLOTH014 1
Last Words x2_cus_lastwords x2_cus_lastwords 141,543
Lesser Robe of Eyes x0_cloth002 X0_CLOTH002 31,810
Mage's Battle Robe nw_mcloth013 NW_MCLOTH013 2,191
Mantle of Epic Spell Resistance x2_cloth005 X2_MCLOTH005 424,773
Master Adventurer's Robe nw_mcloth012 NW_MCLOTH012 29,161
Monk's Outfit nw_cloth016 NW_CLOTH016 1
Necromancer's Robe nw_cloth026 NW_CLOTH026 1
Noble Guardsman Tunic nw_cloth018 NW_CLOTH018 1
Noble Outfit nw_cloth003 NW_CLOTH003 1
Noble's Tunic nw_cloth028 NW_CLOTH028 1
Paladin's Tunic nw_cloth010 NW_CLOTH010 1
Palemaster's Robe X2_it_pmrobe x2_it_pmrobe 1
Performer's Outfit nw_cloth002 NW_CLOTH002 1
Priest's Robe nw_cloth007 NW_CLOTH007 1
Robe of Acid Resistance nw_mcloth007 NW_MCLOTH007 621
Robe of Blending xo_cloth001 X0_CLOTH001 15
Robe of Cold Resistance nw_mcloth008 NW_MCLOTH008 811
Robe of Electrical Resistance nw_mcloth010 NW_MCLOTH010 1,026
Robe of Energy x1_mcloth001 X1_MCLOTH001 4,940
Robe of Eyes x3_it_robeeyes X3_IT_ROBEEYES 90,251
Robe of Fire Resistance nw_mcloth009 NW_MCLOTH009 1,266
Robe of Light nw_mcloth006 NW_MCLOTH006 161
Robe of Scintillating Colors x0_cloth003 X0_CLOTH003 7,685
Robe of Vecna nw_mcloth001 NW_MCLOTH001 36,121
Robes of the Dark Maiden x2_cus_robe1 x2_cus_robe1 43,693
Robes of the Dark Moon nw_mcloth017 NW_MCLOTH017 12,251
Robes of the Old Order nw_mcloth015 NW_MCLOTH015 6,251
Robes of the Shining Hand +1 nw_mcloth018 NW_MCLOTH018 657
Robes of the Shining Hand +2 nw_mcloth019 NW_MCLOTH019 2,925
Robes of the Shining Hand +3 nw_mcloth020 NW_MCLOTH020 6,813
Robes of the Shining Hand +4 nw_mcloth021 NW_MCLOTH021 12,321
Robes of the Shining Hand +5 nw_mcloth022 NW_MCLOTH022 19,449
Robes of the Shining Hand +6 x2_cloth001 X2_MCLOTH001 58,523
Robes of the Shining Hand +7 x2_cloth002 X2_MCLOTH002 98,010
Rogue's Tunic nw_cloth004 NW_CLOTH004 1
Sequencer Robe x2_sequencer1 x2_sequencer1 22,816
Shifter Tunic x2_cus_shiftertunic x2_cus_shiftertunic 208,081
Soldier's Tunic nw_cloth019 NW_CLOTH019 1
Sorcerer's Robe nw_cloth008 NW_CLOTH008 1
Squire's Tunic nw_cloth013 NW_CLOTH013 1
Urchin Rags nw_cloth009 NW_CLOTH009 1
Vagabond Rags nw_cloth023 NW_CLOTH023 1
Vest of Escape x0_cloth004 X0_CLOTH004 20,071
Veteran's Outfit nw_cloth006 NW_CLOTH006 1
Warrior's Tunic nw_cloth025 NW_CLOTH025 1
White Robe of the Archmagi nw_mcloth002 NW_MCLOTH002 48,791
Wizard's Robe nw_cloth005 NW_CLOTH005 1
Woodsman Outfit nw_cloth001 NW_CLOTH001 1

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress