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This is a list of cloaks appearing in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.

Plot-based cloaks (e.g., Many-Starred Cloak) can be found on the Plot Items page.


Item ResRef Tag GP Value
Cape of the Fire Bath x0_maarcl038 X0_MAARCL038 9,766
Cape of Winter x0_maarcl039 X0_MAARCL039 8,851
Cloak of Arachnida x0_maarcl030 X0_MAARCL030 5,763
Cloak of Blackflame x0_maarcl040 X0_MAARCL040 2,251
Cloak of Displacement x0_maarcl032 X0_MAARCL032 33,751
Cloak of Elvenkind nw_maarcl057 NW_MAARCL057 1,440
Cloak of Epic Spell Resistance x2_it_mcloak002 X2_IT_MCLOAK002 324,001
Cloak of Fortification +1 nw_maarcl104 NW_MAARCL104 3,745
Cloak of Fortification +2 nw_maarcl105 NW_MAARCL105 16,688
Cloak of Fortification +3 nw_maarcl106 NW_MAARCL106 38,876
Cloak of Fortification +4 x2_it_mcloak004 X2_IT_MCLOAK004 70,309
Cloak of Fortification +5 x2_it_mcloak005 X2_IT_MCLOAK005 110,987
Cloak of Greater Sanctuary x0_maarcl033 X0_MAARCL033 40,951
Cloak of Movement nw_maarcl056 NW_MAARCL056 16,001
Cloak of Protection +1 nw_maarcl055 NW_MAARCL055 657
Cloak of Protection +2 nw_maarcl088 NW_MAARCL088 2,925
Cloak of Protection +3 nw_maarcl089 NW_MAARCL089 6,813
Cloak of Protection +4 nw_maarcl090 NW_MAARCL090 12,321
Cloak of Protection +5 nw_maarcl091 NW_MAARCL091 19,449
Cloak of Protection +6 x2_it_mcloak006 X2_IT_MCLOAK006 58,523
Cloak of Protection +7 x2_it_mcloak007 X2_IT_MCLOAK007 98,010
Cloak of Protection vs Chaos nw_maarcl098 nw_maarcl098 903
Cloak of Protection vs Evil nw_maarcl097 nw_maarcl097 903
Cloak of Protection vs Good nw_maarcl096 nw_maarcl096 903
Cloak of Protection vs Law nw_maarcl099 nw_maarcl099 903
Cloak of Resistance +1 x0_maarcl025 X0_MAARCL025 1,266
Cloak of Resistance +2 x0_maarcl026 X0_MAARCL026 5,641
Cloak of Resistance +3 x0_maarcl027 X0_MAARCL027 13,141
Cloak of Resistance +4 x0_maarcl028 X0_MAARCL028 23,766
Cloak of Resistance +5 x0_maarcl029 X0_MAARCL029 37,516
Cloak of the Bat x0_maarcl031 X0_MAARCL031 22,185
Cloak of the Bat x2_it_mcloak002 X2_IT_MCLOAK001 46,377
Cloak of the High Forest nw_maarcl030 NW_MAARCL030 5,268
Drow Piwafi Cloak x2_it_drowcl001 X2_IT_DROWCL001 24,091
Greater Cloak of Protection vs Chaos nw_maarcl102 nw_maarcl102 6,003
Greater Cloak of Protection vs Evil nw_maarcl101 nw_maarcl101 6,003
Greater Cloak of Protection vs Good nw_maarcl100 nw_maarcl100 6,003
Greater Cloak of Protection vs Law nw_maarcl103 nw_maarcl103 6,003
Greater Mantle of Spell Resistance x0_maarcl034 X0_MAARCL034 81,001
Mantle of Great Stealth x2_it_mcloak003 X2_IT_MCLOAK003 144,001
Nasher's Cloak of Protection x2_nash_cloak x2_nash_cloak 6,813
Nymph Cloak +1 nw_maarcl031 NW_MAARCL031 1,441
Nymph Cloak +2 nw_maarcl092 NW_MAARCL092 5,761
Nymph Cloak +3 nw_maarcl093 NW_MAARCL093 12,961
Nymph Cloak +4 nw_maarcl094 NW_MAARCL094 23,041
Nymph Cloak +5 nw_maarcl095 NW_MAARCL095 36,001
Nymph Cloak +6 x2_it_mcloak008 X2_IT_MCLOAK008 51,841
Nymph Cloak +7 x2_it_mcloak009 X2_IT_MCLOAK009 70,561
Skin of the Manticore x1_it_mcloak001 X1_IT_MCLOAK001 8,447
Vestments of Faith x0_maarcl035 X0_MAARCL035 30,251

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Kookoo