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This is a list of clothing worn by NPCs that appears in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.


Item ResRef Tag GP Value
Bloodsailor Uniform nw_cloth029 NW_CLOTH029 1
Curst Clothing nw_it_creitem146 NW_IT_CREITEM146 1
Curst Leather Armor nw_it_creitem145 NW_IT_CREITEM145 10
Fiendforged Plate x2_c3_creitem147 x2_c3_creitem147 196,102
Half-Celestial Full Plate nw_it_creitem147 NW_IT_CREITEM147 1,500
Half-Fiend Studded Leather Armor nw_it_creitem148 NW_IT_CREITEM148 15
Purple Dragon Light Armor x3_it_pdlarm X3_IT_PDLARM 5
Purple Dragon Mail x3_it_pdmail X3_IT_PDMAIL 100
Purple Dragon Shield x3_it_pdshield X3_IT_PDSHIELD 100
Revenant Chainmail +1 nw_it_creitem149 NW_IT_CREITEM149 806
Vampire Clothing nw_it_creitem144 NW_IT_CREITEM144 1
Vampire Half-Plate nw_it_creitem142 NW_IT_CREITEM142 600
Vampire Studded Leather Armor nw_it_creitem143 NW_IT_CREITEM143 15
Volkarion's Robe x2_djinni_robe x2_djinni_robe 1

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress