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Types of armor class adjustment.


Constant Value Description
AC_ARMOUR_ENCHANTMENT_BONUS 2 Defines a bonus as coming from magical vestments cast upon the armor or really fine craftsmanship. Applies to worn armor only, not shields.
AC_DEFLECTION_BONUS 4 A bonus that applies to armor class from a skill or item that allows the creature to deflect or parry incoming attacks.
AC_DODGE_BONUS 0 A bonus to armor class gained from a skill that allows the creature to dodge out of the way of an incoming attack.
AC_NATURAL_BONUS 1 A natural bonus given to the armor class of the creature due to attributes such as tough hide or high dexterity.
AC_SHIELD_ENCHANTMENT_BONUS 3 A bonus granted to the armor class of a shield wearing creature derived from magical enchanments placed on the shield or fine craftsmanship.
AC_VS_DAMAGE_TYPE_ALL 4103 Special versus flag just for AC effects.

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