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Determines the AI (artificial intelligence) level of a creature controlled by the computer. The AI level determines how "smart" the creature is by how much CPU time is given to it.


Constant Value Description
AI_LEVEL_DEFAULT -1 Default game-specified setting. The game will apply the appropriate AI setting as necessary.
AI_LEVEL_HIGH 3 High priority, smartest AI, but extremely high CPU usage required for AI. Avoid using this except during a cut-scene.
AI_LEVEL_INVALID -1 Invalid AI level setting.
AI_LEVEL_LOW 1 Low priority, mildly stupid, but slightly more CPU usage for AI. Typically used when not in combat, but a player is in
AI_LEVEL_NORMAL 2 Normal priority, average AI, but more CPU usage required for AI. Typically used when creature is in combat.
AI_LEVEL_VERY_LOW 0 Very Low priority, very stupid, but low CPU usage for AI. Typically used when no players are in the area.

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