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This is a list of magically animated/created constructs appearing in the standard palette of the NWN Toolset.


Creature ResRef Tag
Adamantine Golem x2_golem002 X2_GOLEM002
Battle Horror nw_bathorror NW_BATHORROR
Bone Golem nw_golbone NW_GolBone
Clay Golem nw_golclay NW_GolClay
Demonflesh Golem nw_goldmflesh001 nw_goldmflesh001
Diamond Golem x3_diagolem001 X3_DIAGOLEM001
Emerald Golem x3_emgolem001 X3_EMGOLEM001
Flesh Golem nw_golflesh NW_GOLFLESH
Helmed Horror nw_helmhorr NW_HELMHORR
Huge Iron Golem x2_goliron_huge X2_GOLIRON_HUGE
Iron Golem nw_goliron NW_GOLIRON
Minogon nw_minogon NW_MINOGON
Mithral Golem x2_golem001 X2_GOLEM001
Ruby Golem x3_rubygolem001 X3_RUBYGOLEM001
Shield Guardian nw_shguard NW_SHGUARD
Stone Golem nw_golstone NW_GOLSTONE

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress