CopyItem(object, object, int)

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Duplicates an item.

object CopyItem(
    object oItem,
    object oTargetInventory = OBJECT_INVALID,
    int bCopyVars

Red bug icon.png Warning: This function has a known bug and may not work as expected in some situations. See Known Bugs for details.


Item to copy.
Create the item within this inventory (Default: OBJECT_INVALID)
If TRUE, local variables on item are copied


Duplicates the item and returns a new object, an exact copy of oItem.

Will normally return the new item, else on error, returns OBJECT_INVALID for non-items.

Can only copy empty item containers (such as magical bags). Will return OBJECT_INVALID if oItem contains other items, and fail.

If it is possible to merge this item with any others in the target location, then it will do so and return the merged object.

Note that if oTargetInventory is OBJECT_INVALID, there may be 2 places an item is created. If it is on the ground, an exact copy will be placed at the same location on the ground. If it is in some kind of inventory (Store, Backpack, Box etc) it will create it inside the inventory.

To force the item to copy to a location, you must use CopyObject() (it doesn't have the bCopyVars parameter, but the variables will still be copied).


This function doesn't seem to be able to do anything that CopyObject() can't do, but it leaves out the mandatory input of a location.

Can be used for custom treasure systems by finding an item in a treasure holder container, and then calling CopyItem() to make a copy of the item in the container or creature calling the function.

This function does not copy Cursed (undroppable) flag on the item.

Known Bugs

Copy fails when oItem is a Plot item and oTargetInventory is a store object.[1] Rather than placing the item in the store's inventory, the item is created on the ground at the store's location. You can work around this by removing the plot flag and re-applying it to the newly copied item:

object oItem  = GetObjectByTag("testaxe");
object oStore = GetObjectByTag("teststore");
int    bPlot  = GetPlotFlag(oItem);
if (bPlot)
object oNew = CopyItem(oItem, oStore, TRUE);
    SetPlotFlag(oItem, TRUE);
    SetPlotFlag(oNew,  TRUE);

This may be "expected behavior" for the game engine, since you can't sell plot items to a store. But since the toolset allows plot items in a store inventory, this nuance is worth recording.



See Also

functions:  CreateItemOnObject

 author: Charles Feduke, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Lilac Soul, Jasperre <references />[2]