Creature Special Attack

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Creature Special Attack

Special attacks employable only by creatures.

Located in the toolset palette under "Creature Items, Gore" and "Creature Items, Slam".

Creature Gores

Items ResRef Tag GP Value
Formian Sting x0_formian_sting X0_FORMIAN_STING 15,124
Gore1d2 nw_it_crewpp001 NW_IT_CREWPP001 80
Gore1d3 x2_it_crewpp001 X2_IT_CREWPP001 180
Gore1d6 nw_it_crewpp005 NW_IT_CREWPP005 500
Gore1d8 nw_it_crewpp010 NW_IT_CREWPP010 1,124
Gore2d6 nw_it_crewpp015 NW_IT_CREWPP015 2,000
Imp Familiar Stinger Level 15 x2_it_crewpp002 X2_IT_CREWPP002 36,980
Imp Familiar Stinger Level 20 x2_it_crewpp003 X2_IT_CREWPP003 56,180
Imp Familiar Stinger Level 25 x2_it_crewpp004 X2_IT_CREWPP004 79,380
Imp Familiar Stinger Level 30 x2_it_crewpp005 X2_IT_CREWPP005 106,580
Imp Familiar Stinger Level 35 x2_it_crewpp010 X2_IT_CREWPP010 109,520
Imp Familiar Stinger Level 40 x2_it_crewpp011 X2_IT_CREWPP011 117,044
Imp Stinger nw_it_crewpp016 NW_IT_CREWPP016 11,520
Myrmarch Sting xo_formmyr_sting X0_FORMMYR_STING 15,124
Pseudodragon Familiar Stinger Level 15 x2_it_crewpp006 X2_IT_CREWPP006 35,278
Pseudodragon Familiar Stinger Level 20 x2_it_crewpp007 X2_IT_CREWPP007 54,078
Pseudodragon Familiar Stinger Level 25 x2_it_crewpp008 X2_IT_CREWPP008 76,880
Pseudodragon Familiar Stinger Level 30 x2_it_crewpp009 X2_IT_CREWPP009 103,680
Pseudodragon Familiar Stinger Level 35 x2_it_crewpp012 X2_IT_CREWPP012 109,520
Pseudodragon Familiar Stinger Level 40 x2_it_crewpp013 X2_IT_CREWPP013 117,044
Pseudodragon Stinger x0_pseudo_sting X0_PSEUDO_STING 10,578
Stinger Tail x0_stinger_tail X0_STINGER_TAIL 12,500
Wyvern Tail x3_it_wyvernt1 X3_IT_WYVERNT1 12,500
Wyvern Tail x3_it_wyvernt2 X3_IT_WYVERNT2 11,520

Creature Slams

Items ResRef Tag GP Value
Balor Slam nw_it_crewpb009 NW_IT_CREWPB009 12,500
Demilich Slam x2_it_crewpblich X2_IT_CREWPdlich 12,269,610
Diamond Golem Fist x3_it_diamfist X3_IT_DIAMFIST 474,320
Elder/Greater/Huge Fire Elemental Slam nw_it_crewpb018 NW_IT_CREWPB018 73,204
Fire Elemental Slam nw_it_crewpb006 NW_IT_CREWPB006 7,218
Gray Ooze Slam nw_it_crewps034 nw_it_crewps034 15,678
Mimic Slam x2_it_crewpmimic x2_it_crewpmimic 1,124
Mummy Slam nw_it_crewpb007 NW_IT_CREWPB007 4,500
Nightmare Hoof x3_it_nighthoof X3_IT_NIGHTHOOF 9,244
Ochre Jelly Slam (easy) nw_it_crewps037 nw_it_crewps037 1,710
Ochre Jelly Slam (hard) nw_it_crewps035 nw_it_crewps035 26,280
Ochre Jelly Slam (medium) nw_it_crewps036 nw_it_crewps036 3,250
Slam 1d6+4 (+1d6 Acid + Paralyze) x2_it_cregelcslm x2_it_cregelcslm 716,310
Slam1d2 nw_it_crewpb001 NW_IT_CREWPB001 80
Slam1d6 nw_it_crewpb005 NW_IT_CREWPB005 500
Slam1d8 nw_it_crewpb010 NW_IT_CREWPB010 1,124
Slam1d10 nw_it_crewpb014 NW_IT_CREWPB014 2,000
Slam2d4 x2_it_crewpb002 X2_IT_CREWPB002 1,124
Slam2d6 nw_it_crewpb015 NW_IT_CREWPB015 2,000
Slam2d8 nw_it_crewpb016 NW_IT_CREWPB016 4,500
Slam2d10 nw_it_crewpb017 NW_IT_CREWPB017 8,000
Slam3d8 nw_it_crewpb019 NW_IT_CREWPB019 10,124
Slam4d6 x2_it_crewpb005 X2_IT_CREWPB005 8,000
Slam4d10 x2_it_crewpb003 X2_IT_CREWPB003 32,000
Slam6d10 x2_it_crewpb004 X2_IT_CREWPB004 72,000
Summoned Succubus Slam nw_it_crewpb011 NW_IT_CREWPB011 32,000
Tenser's Transformation Slam nw_it_crewpb012 NW_IT_CREWPB012 26,644
Warrior/Greater Mummy Slam nw_it_crewpb008 NW_IT_CREWPB008 8,000
Wight Slam nw_it_crewpb002 NW_IT_CREWPB002 38,720
Zombie Lord's Slam nw_it_crewpb013 NW_IT_CREWPB013 4,500
Zombie Warrior's Slam nw_it_crewpb020 NW_IT_CREWPB020 6,124

author: NWN Lexicon Group, editor: Mistress, contributor: Kookoo