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Saves a single player game.


Saved file listed automatically as [AutoSave]. This used only when module is being played Single Player.


Of course, any of the original campaign modules uses this on many of the new areas (so, it saves when you enter a major entrance area, but only once), and those can be played in multiplayer.

Thusly, this will operate fine in multiplayer, but do nothing. No save files can be forced onto a clients computer, nor information sent to them.

For multiplayer saves, a DM can save it independently in the game menu, a server operator can usually save it this way, and of course autosave can be enabled for every few minutes or hours.

However, as normally worlds change so often in any multiplayer environments, those saves are usually useless - they cannot be loaded with newer modules (save games make a carbon copy of a module which is loaded whether or not they have the original module), and so cannot be reused that often.

Multiplayer saves are mainly useful in DMed games, with one pre-set module (or one that won't change) and so can be loaded up, and all player locations are saved (as are states of monsters and quests).

For persistent worlds, a regular call of ExportAllCharacters() is most useful, saving the state of experience and gold, and so on, and is as good as a save (so if the server crashes, they usually do not lose hours of work, but mere minutes)




// An area you want the singleplayer game to save in, this will
// save it once.
void main()
    int nDone = GetLocalInt(OBJECT_SELF, "ON_ENTER_SAVE_ONCE");
    // Check if we have done it already or not.
    if(nDone == FALSE)
        // So the save
        // Do not do again

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