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Returns a knockdown effect.


Create a Knockdown effect. This effect knocks creatures off their feet, they will sit until the effect is removed. This should be applied as a temporary effect with a 3 second duration minimum (1 second to fall, 1 second sitting, 1 second to get up).

Knockdown makes a creature prone - dodge AC, dexterity bonuses will not apply and any attacks can be automatic sneak attacks, as they will not be able to react to a sneak attack.

Knockdown stops movement and plays a special animation - there is no need for a visual effect. Very few models/monsters do not have a "Knockdown" state.

The target this effect is applied to must be a creature for it to work. This effect cannot be applied instantly or permanently, only temporarily. This is mainly because knockdown does have a standing animation and is hard to remove otherwise.


Knockdown is countered by, either high discipline for the feats FEAT_KNOCKDOWN and FEAT_IMPROVED_KNOCKDOWN, or IMMUNITY_TYPE_KNOCKDOWN.

Knockdown is very powerful - yes, mainly because it is a feat (which represents the P&P "trip" actions), but it does have the similar effect on casters as any thing that stops them moving or casting spells - almost death.

Knockdown, when removed, should normally stand up, not instantly go to standing. However, the effect type when GetEffectType() is used is 0 - which is the same for a few other effects (see EFFECT_TYPE_* constants).

Effect Breakdown

There is no identifiable information with GetEffectInteger frustratingly, given the GetEffectType bug.

The main properties of knockdown are:

  • Target is set to uncommandable ala SetCommandable - this uses a built in engine effect that uses "~AISTATE_CREATURE_CONTROLLABLE"
  • Target plays animation to fall to the ground (this may depend on the creator of the effect and their location - or may be random - which is chosen).
  • Target gets up
  • Target is made commandable again

Note that the commandable state can be altered via. scripting and actions be injected in even though they're in the middle of knockdown, eg:

// This will knockdown OBJECT_SELF, then after 1.5 seconds moves them 10 meters away from their current location while still "knocked down". When knockdown is removed the person can automatically move again.
void Push(float fDuration)
    SetCommandable(TRUE, OBJECT_SELF);
    ActionMoveAwayFromLocation(GetLocation(OBJECT_SELF), TRUE, 10.0);
    SetCommandable(FALSE, OBJECT_SELF);
void main()
    ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, EffectKnockdown(), OBJECT_SELF, 6.0);
    DelayCommand(1.5, Push(4.5));

As noted above the minimum duration appears to need to be 1 or 2 seconds to allow the full animations to play else it looks wonky.

It cannot be applied to plot creatures but can to immortal creatures.

Known Bugs

This returns 0 for GetEffectType, its hard to remove any knockdown without a unique constant!




// Sample code for applying knockdown (10 seconds) to a target
void main()
    // This is the Object to apply the effect to.
    object oTarget = OBJECT_SELF;
    // Create the effect to apply
    effect eKnockdown = EffectKnockdown();
    // Create the visual portion of the effect. This is instantly
    // applied and not persistent with whether or not we have the
    // above effect.
    effect eVis = EffectVisualEffect(VFX_IMP_PULSE_WIND);
    // Apply the visual effect to the target
    ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eVis, oTarget);
    // Apply the effect to the object   
    ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, eKnockdown, oTarget, 10.0);

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 author: Michael Nork, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Lilac Soul, Jasperre