EnterTargetingMode(object, int, int)

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Makes oPC enter a targeting mode, letting them select an object as a target.

void EnterTargetingMode(
    object oPC,
    int nValidObjectTypes = OBJECT_TYPE_ALL,
    int nMouseCursorId = MOUSECURSOR_MAGIC


The player to enter targeting mode.
An OBJECT_TYPE_* constant specifying the type of object to target.
The mouse cursor id to use.


Makes oPC enter a targeting mode, letting them select an object or location as a target.

If a PC selects a target, it will trigger the module OnPlayerTarget event.


The "targeting" can be cancelled by the player, it is not guaranteed to run OnPlayerTarget.

Since the OnPlayerTarget event won't know what script / reason that has occurred, it is suggested to track this from a standard integer stored on the player entering the targeting mode, eg: a "TARGET_MODE_ID" which then loads the appropriate response.

The nValidObjecTypes can be OR'ed together, so that a list can be produced of all the valid types eg:


OBJECT_TYPE_TILE is a new constant used solely in this function that counts as "the ground".


This function was added in 1.80.8193.14 of NWN:EE.


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 author: Shadguy