GetCreatureTalentBest(int, int, object)

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Determines the best talent of a creature from a group of talents.

talent GetCreatureTalentBest(
    int nCategory,
    int nCRMax,
    object oCreature = OBJECT_SELF


The maximum Challenge Rating of the talent.
The creature that has the talent. (Default: OBJECT_SELF)


Returns the best talent (i.e. closest to nCRMax without going over) of oCreature, within nCategory.


It is possible for nCreature not to have any talent within the specified nCategory. In this case this function will return an invalid talent, akin to OBJECT_INVALID, but you must use the GetIsTalentValid() to test this.

If CR = -1 function works like GetCreatureTalentRandom, CR = 0 returns potions, scrolls and other unequippable items, spell has CR equal to (InnateLevel*2)-1, feats probably 0 as well.

If nCategory = 0, returns anything without category, known feats (but not with 0 uses) and skills.

Known bugs

Specifying nCategory 1 actually returns talents of category 11 and vice versa. Confirmation needed.

Returns invalid talent if the creature is immobilized (toolset speed setting, entangle effect or cutscene immobility).



See Also

functions:  GetCreatureTalentRandom, GetIsTalentValid
constants:  TALENT_CATEGORY_* Constants

 author: Tom Cassiotis