GetDistanceBetween(object, object)

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The distance in meters between two objects

float GetDistanceBetween(
    object oObjectA,
    object oObjectB


Any object represented in game.
Any object represented in game.


Returns the distance in meters between two objects. Will return a float value of 0.0 if either of the two objects is INVALID.

If the objects are in different areas, or are of invalid object types for this call (EG: The module object) this function will return 0.0.


This also takes into account the Z-axis, and thus isn't a direct measurement in only X and Y. To get a direct measurement (discounting the Z-axis) you must use Vectors.

Remember, the float value returned by this is in in-game meters. Each in-game tile is 10x10M.




// Conversation Action event. Get the distance between
// me (OBJECT_SELF) and the PC in conversation. If they are 
// within 5M (including any elevation) we will shout at them.
// NB: conversations can take place with PC's up to around 10M away
void main()
    // Get the PC
    object oPC = GetPCSpeaker();
    // Get the distance, and check it
    if (GetDistanceBetween(oPC, OBJECT_SELF) <= 5.0)
        // Shout at them for being quite far away
        SpeakString("Hey, " + GetName(oPC) + " get nearer to me!");

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 author: John Shuell, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Ryan Hunt, Jasperre, everlast