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Get the amount of gold held by all members of a certain faction.

int GetFactionGold(
    object oFactionMember



The object whose faction you wish to examine.


Returns the amount of gold held by oFactionMember's faction. This function will loop through all members of a faction (normally a Players current party) and return the sum of all their gold they carry with them.

Return a -1 if oFactionMember's faction is invalid (And of course 0 if there is an abcense of gold)


Great for figuring out how rich a party is so you can properly drain them of their gold a certain percent amount.

This will work exactly the same was as using GetFirst/NextFactionMemeber() and using GetGold(), only is much easier to code and probably better on performance.

Try to never use this on an NPC faction, only a PC's party faction, because NPC factions usually have dozens of NPC's, and thus may cause a lot of high CPU usage with faction calls such as this.

However, if you must, then NPC factions should still have valid amounts of gold to be returned by this call.




// If the PC's party has over 1000 gold, call them
// rich in the Conversation Action event.

void main()
    // Get the PC (and obviously the faction member to use)
    object oPC = GetPCSpeaker();

    // Make sure they are a PC and not a possessed DM
    if(GetIsPC(oPC) && !GetIsObjectValid(GetMaster(oPC)))
        if(GetFactionGold(oPC) > 1000)
            // Estatic response
            SpeakString("You really are stinking rich!! I can see gold everywhere!");
            // Boring response
            SpeakString("Hey, you poor sods need to get more gold...I can't see nottin' of value");

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 author: John Shuell, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Jasperre