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GetFirstFactionMember(object, int)

Obtains the first member of the faction that a creature is a member of.

object GetFirstFactionMember(
    object oMemberOfFaction,
    int bPCOnly = TRUE



Creature to determine which faction we want.


If TRUE then the returned faction member will be a PC, otherwise both NPCs and PCs are included in the search. (Default: TRUE)


Returns the first member of oMemberOfFaction's faction and OBJECT_INVALID if oMemberOfFaction or oMemberOfFaction's faction is invalid. If bPCOnly is set to FALSE it only includes NPCs, NOT both. To get all members of a PC's faction (Henchmen and so forth, as well as PC's themselves) 2 loops of the faction must be done.


This function begins to cycle through all oMemberOfFaction's faction by calling GetNextFactionMember().

If bPCOnly is TRUE the returned faction member will be a PC. If bPCOnly is FALSE, it will only do non-PC faction members.

Never use this on an NPC faction! There would be dozens more objects in even the smallest custom faction compared to a PC party. If used, use with caution!




// This code shows how you can cycle through all the party 
// members of the first PC in the module.
// This will ONLY get PC members - any associates (Henchmen,
// familiars, summoned creatures and so on) will not be got by
// this loop. If the bPCOnly was FALSE in this script, it would ONLY
// get henchmen, familiars and so on for the faction.
void main()
    // We alway use the SAME object for the GetFirst/Next faction 
    // member calls - always define it first. Here it is the first PC.
    object oPC = GetFirstPC();
    // Get the first PC party member
    object oPartyMember = GetFirstFactionMember(oPC, TRUE);
    // We stop when there are no more valid PC's in the party.
    while(GetIsObjectValid(oPartyMember) == TRUE)
        // Do something to party member
        // Get the next PC member of oPC's faction.
        // If we put anything but oPC into this, it may be a totally
        // unreliable loop!
        oPartyMember = GetNextFactionMember(oPC, TRUE);

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 author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Iceberg, Mike Daneman, Matt Andrew