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Determines the base fortitude saving throw number of a creature, door or placeable.

int GetFortitudeSavingThrow(
    object oTarget


Creature, door, or placeable.


Returns oTarget's base fortitude saving throw value, and 0 if oTarget is invalid.


This will only work properly for creatures, doors, and placeables.

If you are doing saving throws, it is recommended to use FortitudeSave/WillSave/ReflexSave in some capacity since GetXXXSavingThrow functions will not check VersusAlignmentEffect, VersusRacialTypeEffect (and any equivalent applied by feats) and has no capacity to check SAVING_THROW_TYPE_* (eg; vs. Fire bonuses/penalties) or if it is a spell and apply the Spellcraft skill saving throw bonus, and will not implement feats such as Slippery Mind or Uncanny Dodge. However in NWN:EE you can replicate likely all of this using GetEffectInteger and similar functions.



See Also


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 author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Kristian Markon, Mistress, contributor: Kookoo