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Retrieves the mortality state of a creature.

int GetImmortal(
    object oTarget = OBJECT_SELF


Target creature to determine the mortality of. (Default: OBJECT_SELF)


Determines if a creature is immortal; that is will not die no matter what.


You can toggle this status with SetImmortal.

Immortal creatures take damage, but can never be killed. Personally, I'd consider it bad form to use these too much, and never without giving the PC a clue that they might not be able to kill this particular monster. Nothing is more annoying than struggling to get a creature to near death, and then fighting it for ten more minutes before you get up, since the creature could actually never be killed.

The immortal effect also makes you immune to most complex effects that utilise statescripts.2da, similar to being plot. This presumably is to also make it so they can't change faction or run away.

A list of effects immortal characters are simply immune to (no feedback is presented to the creator of the effect, or the creature who is immortal):

Other negative and positive effects should work fine although EffectDamage of course is capped so they never fall below 1HP.



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 author: Charles Feduke, editor: Lilac Soul