GetIsDoorActionPossible(object, int)

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Determines whether an action can be used on a door.

int GetIsDoorActionPossible(
    object oTargetDoor,
    int nDoorAction


The door to be checked.
Door action to check - DOOR_ACTION_*


Returns TRUE if nDoorAction can be performed on oTargetDoor, otherwise FALSE. Use this in a creatures OnBlocked event.


This is used by Bioware AI scripts for henchmen to attempt different actions on a door if their masters (PCs) fail to open a door. For example, if the henchmen can cast the spell Knock, the script first checks if GetIsDoorActionPossible(oDoor, DOOR_ACTION_KNOCK) before casting Knock.

DoDoorAction can be used to not disrupt an action queue, normally in a creatures OnBlocked event. Of course, this function will return FALSE if oTargetDoor is not a door.

The checks done for each parameter are:

  • DOOR_ACTION_OPEN - The door is closed, and is not locked - or if it is locked, we have the key
  • DOOR_ACTION_UNLOCK - The door is locked, does not require a key, and the creatures SKILL_OPEN_LOCK is >= the door lock DC with a take 20.
  • DOOR_ACTION_BASH - The door is not plot
  • DOOR_ACTION_IGNORE - Nothing special is checked (excepting the default that the door is valid)
  • DOOR_ACTION_KNOCK - The door is not plot, does not require a key, and the creature has GetHasSpell(SPELL_KNOCK), line 93 of spells.2da

It will not check;

  • That we are commandable (eg; not stunned or knocked down)
  • That the door object can be pathed to properly
  • That our weapon can bash the given doors hardiness

Known Bugs

The DOOR_ACTION_KNOCK parameter is limited to knowing the spell, and will not check what the spell file NW_S0_Knock checks (eg; the difficulty, local variables, or anything else).



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 author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Jasperre