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Returns the amount of experience set for a journal category.

int GetJournalQuestExperience(
    string szPlotID



Journal category tag.


Use this command to award experience for a journalled quest. It returns the amount of experience entered in to the category's 'xp' field in the journal editor.

You can set an xp value for a journalled quest in the journal editor, but AddJournalQuestEntry() does not set award this xp on completion. Use GetJournalQuestExperience() instead.

This will, of course, return a default of 0 if no journal quest is found, or there is a value of 0 for that quest.


If you want to assign party experience, you might want to use RewardPartyXP() from Bioware's nw_i0_tool include.

Before scripting experience yourself, you might want to make sure that you can't use the conversation editor's script wizards to do the dirty work for you.




// Award a single PC, oPC, the full experience value of 
// a quest with Journal Category Tag "isk_jrnl_bbbbk"
GiveXPToCreature(oPC, GetJournalQuestExperience("isk_jrnl_bbbbk"));
// A quest requires the PC to gather objects, and stores a
// count of the objects obtained.  This calculates how much
// to award the PC, proportional to the maximum 
int iFound = GetLocalInt(oPC, "iFound");
int iXP = iFound  * GetJournalQuestExperience("shoe_hunt") / NUM_HORSESHOES;

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 author: Iskander Merriman, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Jeff Smith, Charles Feduke, Jasperre