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Determines the last PC that died.


Use this function in an OnPlayerDeath module script to get the last player that died.

Returns the last PC that died.


Use this in OnPlayerDeath script to create custom death penalties, respawning conditions, reset reputation etc.




// From Bioware's David Gaider Scripting FAQ

// I'm creating a custom 'ClearAll FactionMembers' command, here
// first declaring the api for the new command, then what it does
// I could reasonably have put this in a separate script and
// used #include to put it into this script (and others), as well
void ClearAllFactionMembers (object oMember, object oPlayer)
    object oClear = GetFirstFactionMember (oMember, FALSE);
    while (GetIsObjectValid(oClear) == TRUE)
        ClearPersonalReputation (oPlayer, oClear);
        oClear = GetNextFactionMember (oMember, FALSE);
// here's the main body of my script
void main()
    // identify the player
    object oPlayer = GetLastPlayerDied();
    // identify a member of the faction. I'm assuming these members are alive.
    // Otherwise, I would have to try several things to turn up a member that is
    // first valid and then do the if command
    object oGoblin = GetObjectByTag("GOBLIN1");
    if (GetIsObjectValid(oGoblin))
        // adjust the faction relation back up by 100
        AdjustReputation (oPlayer, oGoblin, 100);
        // run my custom command to cycle through the faction
        ClearAllFactionMembers (oGoblin, oPlayer);

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 author: Tom Cassiotis