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GetLocalObject(object, string)

Get the data describing an object stored on an object.

object GetLocalObject(
    object oObject,
    string sVarName



The object that stores the object.


The variable name of the data.


Returns data contained inside the variable sVarName stored on the object oObject. oObject can be any object in the game world.

The string describing the variable can also be any string in theory but it is suggested that you avoid using the NW_* tags as they tend to be used within the game already. This function must be used in conjunction with its counterpart function SetLocalObject, as this is the main way to adjust the values held in the variable sVarName. On error the function will return OBJECT_INVALID.


This is most useful for getting any object (be it an inventory item, a creature, or even just some placeable), for use later. Of course, the value set is exactly object X, and no other, so the use of SetLocalString to set the objects tag for the use of GetObjectByTag() may be perferable in some situations.

Remember to not use this for persistant storage of variables on a PC's inventory items over server resets, as local objects will probably always return the wrong value, or OBJECT_INVALID.




// This will send the PC to the object stored in "Data"
void main()
    object a = GetLocalObject(OBJECT_SELF,"Data");

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 author: GoLeM, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Kristain Markon, Jasperre