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Returns the movement rate of a game being

int GetMovementRate(
    object oCreature



Being whose movement rate to return


Gets the movement rate of a being, either a PC or an NPC. The possible return values are:

0 = PC Movement Speed or invalid oCreature
1 = Immobile
2 = Very Slow
3 = Slow
4 = Normal
5 = Fast
6 = Very Fast
7 = Creature Default (defined in appearance.2da)
8 = DM Speed


This cannot be used to determine if a PC (Or any other creature) is walking or running as a PC always returns a value of 0.

DM's should return 8, because that is their movement speed (untested).

This value is basically that set in a creatures properties. The Creature Default can only be got by the value in appearance.2da, while the others are in creaturespeed.2da:

Name; Walkrate, Runrate (All in meters/round)

PC Movement: 2.00, 4.00
Immobile: 0.00, 0.00
Very Slow: 0.75, 1.50
Slow: 1.25, 2.50
Normal: 1.75, 3.50
Fast: 2.25, 4.50
Very Fast: 2.75, 5.50
DM Fast: 5.50, 11.00



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 author: Drake Coker, editor: Jasperre