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Determines the base reflex saving throw number of a creature, door or placeable.

int GetReflexSavingThrow(
    object oTarget


Creature, door or placeable to get the saving throw from.


Returns oTarget's base reflex saving throw value (this will only work for creatures, doors, and placeables) and 0 if oTarget is invalid.


If you are doing saving throws, it is recommended to use FortitudeSave/WillSave/ReflexSave in some capacity since GetXXXSavingThrow functions will not check VersusAlignmentEffect, VersusRacialTypeEffect (and any equivalent applied by feats) and has no capacity to check SAVING_THROW_TYPE_* (eg; vs. Fire bonuses/penalties) or if it is a spell and apply the Spellcraft skill saving throw bonus, and will not implement feats such as Slippery Mind or Uncanny Dodge. However in NWN:EE you can replicate likely all of this using GetEffectInteger and similar functions.



See Also


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 author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Mistress