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Returns the script parameter value for a given parameter name.

void GetScriptParam(
    string sParamName


The script parameter to retrieve


Returns the script parameter value for a given parameter name.

Script parameters can be set for conversation scripts in the toolset's Conversation Editor, or for any script with SetScriptParam.

Will return "" if a parameter with the given name does not exist.


This integrates well into the toolset changes in the patch which introduce a way to add variables to pass to scripts. This makes hundreds, if not thousands, of conditional and action scripts in conversations a thing of the past. A simple example is provided below.

Given SetScriptParam it also allows a single script to be reused with ExecuteScript. For instance you can have a quest reward script that tests a parameter for if it is in a conversation or not - eg: GetScriptParam("NO_CONVERSATION") - and if it detects it acts as if the object it is being executed on, or some other person (eg: an object stored in a variable), is to be referenced instead of GetPCSpeaker for, say, rewarding experience or advancing a quest.




// Example of a multi-use script for conversation actions.
// We will do several things to the PC speaker based on the parameters passed in. More than one can happen at once:
// * hostile = If set to anything, we attack
// * gold = we grant them this amount of gold
// * xp = we grant them this amount of xp
// * item = we create 1 of this item on them
void main()
    object oPC = GetPCSpeaker();
    // Check each parameter in turn (we could have more than one)
    string sParameter = GetScriptParam("hostile");
    if(sParameter != "")
    sParameter = GetScriptParam("gold");
    if(sParameter != "")
        GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, StringToInt(sParameter));
    sParameter = GetScriptParam("xp");
    if(sParameter != "")
        GiveXPToCreature(oPC, StringToInt(sParameter));
    sParameter = GetScriptParam("item");
    if(sParameter != "")
        object oItem = CreateItemOnObject(sParameter, oPC, 1);
            SpeakString("ERROR: Item parameter invalid: " + sParameter, TALKVOLUME_SHOUT);

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